Your Ultimate Guide to EPCOT Lost and Found Services

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Visiting EPCOT can be an enjoyable experience, but it’s not uncommon to misplace items during your visit. That’s where the EPCOT Lost and Found services come in handy. This guide provides all the essential details you need to reunite with your misplaced items swiftly.

It’s essential to utilize the Lost and Found services if you lose any items at EPCOT. The Lost and Found team is available to help visitors retrieve their lost items and reunite them with their rightful owners. This guide will explain how to report lost items, EPCOT Lost and Found policies and procedures, frequently lost items, tips on preventing lost items, success stories, and many more.

With this guide, you can rest assured knowing that your misplaced items are recoverable, and you’ll be reunited with them in no time. Let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about EPCOT Lost and Found services.

How to Report Lost Items at EPCOT

If you’ve misplaced an item at EPCOT, it’s crucial to report it as soon as possible. The Lost and Found team at EPCOT works tirelessly to reunite visitors with their lost belongings, but the earlier you report a missing item, the higher the chances of it being found. To report your lost item at EPCOT, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the nearest EPCOT Lost and Found location. The main Lost and Found office is located outside of EPCOT’s main entrance, near the bus drop-off and taxi area.
  2. Fill out a Lost Item Report. This report will ask for details about your missing item, such as its description, location, and the time and date it was lost.
  3. Provide any identifying information. If your lost item has any personal identification, such as a name or contact information, provide this information to help facilitate the recovery process.
  4. Leave a contact method. Provide a phone number or email address so that EPCOT Lost and Found can contact you once your item is found.

After you fill out the Lost Item Report and provide all necessary information, EPCOT Lost and Found will keep an eye out for your item. If they find a match, they will notify you and arrange for you to pick up your lost item. Keep in mind that EPCOT Lost and Found holds onto items for a limited time, so it’s important to report your lost item as soon as possible.

EPCOT Lost and Found Policies and Procedures

At EPCOT, Lost and Found Services are dedicated to helping visitors reunite with their misplaced items. The policies and procedures followed by the service are designed to ensure that lost items are handled efficiently and effectively. Understanding these policies and procedures is crucial for visitors who need to retrieve their lost belongings.

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Lost items at EPCOT are usually turned in to the Lost and Found Services located at the central location in the park. The items are kept in a secure facility for a specific duration of time, depending on the item’s type and value. Unclaimed items are either donated to charity or discarded after the designated period expires. Some items, such as wallets or smartphones, are immediately handed over to the park security team to avoid any potential misuse.

Visitors claiming their lost items must follow strict procedures and provide proper documentation. The identification documentation required varies depending on the value of the item. For items worth more than $50, visitors must present a government-issued identification document, such as a driver’s license, along with a matching proof-of-purchase or any pertinent information that can identify the item.

Visitors who claim lost items must also pay a handling fee. The fee varies depending on the item’s value and type.


To claim their lost item, visitors must approach the Lost and Found Services center and submit a claim form. The form requires the visitor’s personal information, a detailed description of the lost item, and any relevant identification documents. After submitting the claim form, visitors must wait for a response from the Lost and Found team. The team will verify the claimed item’s details and the visitor’s information before scheduling a pickup time.

If the visitor is unable to claim the item in person, they can provide written permission authorizing someone else to pick up the item on their behalf. The authorized person will need to present their identification document and a copy of the visitor’s identification document.

“Understanding EPCOT Lost and Found policies and procedures can help visitors retrieve their lost belongings efficiently.”

It is essential to report lost items as soon as possible to increase the chances of recovery. Visitors can contact EPCOT Lost and Found Services via phone or email to report lost items. When reporting a lost item, visitors must provide a detailed description of the item and the location where it was last seen. Visitors can also check the online Lost and Found database to see if their item has been found.

Utilizing EPCOT Lost and Found services can prove to be immensely useful for visitors who misplace their belongings. Understanding the policies and procedures followed by the service can help visitors retrieve their lost items efficiently.

Frequently Lost Items at EPCOT

Although many items can be lost at EPCOT, some are more commonly misplaced than others. Knowing which items are commonly lost can help visitors take precautions to avoid losing them. Here are the frequently lost items at EPCOT:

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Park Tickets and FastPasses

Park tickets and FastPasses are frequently lost at EPCOT, particularly when visitors are rushing from one attraction to another. To prevent this, visitors can keep their tickets and FastPasses in a secure location, such as a zippered pocket or a fanny pack, and avoid removing them until necessary.

Cell Phones and Cameras

Cell phones and cameras are often misplaced at EPCOT, especially when visitors are taking pictures or videos. To avoid losing these items, visitors can use a secure strap or lanyard to keep them attached to their person, or use a locker to store them when not in use.

Strollers and Personal Items

Strollers and personal items such as backpacks, hats, and sunglasses are also frequently lost at EPCOT. To prevent this, visitors can label their strollers and personal items with their name and contact information. They can also keep their personal items in a secure location, such as a locker or a backpack with a lock.

By being mindful of these commonly lost items and taking precautions to prevent their loss, visitors can increase the chances of a safe and enjoyable visit to EPCOT. If any of these items do end up lost, visitors can utilize the EPCOT Lost and Found services to help reunite with their belongings.

Tips for Preventing Lost Items at EPCOT

Visitors to EPCOT can take simple steps to prevent losing their belongings. By following these tips, visitors can safeguard their items and enjoy their day to the fullest:

  • Use lockers: EPCOT provides lockers for rent throughout the park. Visitors can use these lockers to store their valuables when they’re not needed. It’s much safer to keep important items locked up rather than carrying them around all day.
  • Keep valuables secure: It’s important to keep a close eye on items like phones, wallets, and cameras. Visitors should keep these items secure in a backpack or a zipped pocket.
  • Label personal items: Adding a label with contact information to personal items like cameras, water bottles, and backpacks can help staff reunite visitors with their lost items.
  • Be mindful of surroundings: Visitors should be aware of their surroundings and keep an eye on their belongings. It’s easy to get distracted by the excitement of the park, but visitors should always keep their belongings in sight.
  • Use a buddy system: When exploring the park with friends or family, it’s helpful to keep an eye on each other’s belongings. This can help prevent items from being left behind or misplaced.

By following these simple tips, visitors to EPCOT can minimize the risk of losing their belongings and enjoy their day at the park with peace of mind.

Success Stories: Reunited with Lost Items at EPCOT

There are countless success stories of visitors who have been reunited with their lost items at EPCOT, thanks to the diligent efforts of the Lost and Found team. One such story involves a family who lost their child’s beloved stuffed animal on a ride. The family was devastated, as the stuffed animal had sentimental value and was irreplaceable. However, the family reported the loss to EPCOT Lost and Found services, and within a few hours, the team had located the stuffed animal and returned it to the family.

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Another success story involves a visitor who lost their wallet containing cash, credit cards, and important identification documents. The visitor was understandably anxious and stressed, but after reporting the loss to EPCOT Lost and Found services, they were relieved to find that the wallet had been found and was waiting for them at the Lost and Found office.

“I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently the team at EPCOT Lost and Found services worked to locate and return my lost item. Their commitment to reuniting visitors with their belongings is truly remarkable.” – A satisfied visitor

These success stories are a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of EPCOT Lost and Found services. Visitors can trust that their lost items will be diligently searched for and returned to them as quickly as possible, allowing them to enjoy their time at EPCOT without the stress and worry of lost belongings.


In summary, EPCOT Lost and Found services are essential for visitors who have misplaced their items at EPCOT. It is crucial to report any lost items promptly to increase the chances of recovery. The policies and procedures followed by EPCOT Lost and Found are designed to streamline the retrieval process and ensure a smooth experience for visitors.

By following the tips provided in this guide, visitors can take proactive measures to prevent losing their belongings while enjoying their time at EPCOT. Utilizing lockers, keeping valuables secure, and being mindful of surroundings are just some of the strategies visitors can use to safeguard their belongings.


If visitors do misplace their items, they can take comfort in the heartwarming success stories of those who have been reunited with their lost items through EPCOT Lost and Found services. The service is reliable, effective, and staffed by dedicated professionals who are committed to reuniting visitors with their belongings.

Do not hesitate to reach out to EPCOT Lost and Found if you misplace any items during your visit. With the information provided in this guide, you should now have all the tools you need to reunite with your lost items swiftly and efficiently.

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