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Savor the Magic: Disney World Churros Guide

When it comes to indulging in sweet treats at Walt’s magical kingdom, Disney World churros are at the top of the list. These doughnut delights are a true fan favorite, and no visit to the park is complete without savoring their cinnamon-sugar goodness. From their origins in Spain to their introduction at Disneyland, churros have become a beloved snack throughout Disney theme parks. In the following sections, we’ll explore where to find these delectable treats within Disney World and share tips and tricks for making the most of your churro experience. So get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and embark on a churro adventure like no other.

The Origins of Disney World Churros

Although churros are now a staple at Disney World, they were first introduced at Disneyland in the mid-1980s. These warm, doughy treats quickly became a fan favorite and have since become a classic Disney snack. But churros have a much longer history than just their time at the theme parks.

Churros are believed to have originated in Spain, where they were traditionally served for breakfast. The dough is piped through a star-shaped nozzle, creating the long, ridged shape that we know and love. Once fried, the churros are coated in cinnamon and sugar, adding a delicious sweetness to their crispy exterior.

When churros were introduced at Disneyland, they quickly became a hit among visitors. This success led to their expansion to other Disney parks, including Disney World. Now, churros can be found in various locations throughout Walt’s magical kingdom, providing visitors with a taste of tradition and nostalgia.

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Where to Find Churros in Disney World

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate Disney World churro experience, you’re in luck! These doughnut delights can be found throughout the park, at locations including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs.

At Magic Kingdom, churros can be found at multiple locations, including the Churro Cart in Frontierland and Storybook Treats in Fantasyland. At Epcot, churros can be found at the Mexico Pavilion’s Choza de Margarita or the Cantina de San Angel. Hollywood Studios offers churros at the Anaheim Produce stand, and Animal Kingdom serves them at Dino-Bite Snacks.

Disney Springs is also a great place to find churros, with stands such as AristoCrepes and Marketplace Snacks serving up these treats. Keep an eye out for seasonal variations, such as pumpkin spice churros in the fall or red, white, and blue Fourth of July churros in the summer!

Churro Tips and Tricks for Disney World Visitors

Churros are undoubtedly one of the most popular sweet treats at Walt Disney World. Here are some churro recommendations to ensure you have the best churro experience during your visit.

Best Time to Buy Churros

The best time to buy churros at Disney World is typically in the morning or late evening when the crowds are thinner. Long lines can form during peak hours, making it difficult to indulge in this doughnut delight. If you’re willing to wait, the ideal time to enjoy churros is during parade or showtimes when the crowds disperse.

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Locating Churro Stands

Churro stands can be found at various locations throughout the Disney parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. These stands are easy to spot, typically displaying a large churro sign. If you’re having trouble locating them, feel free to check the park maps or simply ask a cast member.

Mobile Ordering for Churros

If you’re looking to avoid long lines, mobile ordering is a great option for purchasing churros. Simply download the My Disney Experience app and place your order in advance. When you arrive at the designated churro stand, the order will be ready for pickup. This is an efficient way to save time and indulge in this popular snack.

Additional Suggestions for Enjoying Churros

Churros can be messy, especially if you’re enjoying them while on the move. Consider finding a seating area to enjoy your churros or ask for a paper bag to hold them. Another suggestion is to try the unique flavors available at select locations, such as the Maple Bacon Churro found at the Frontierland churro cart in Magic Kingdom.

With these churro recommendations, you’ll be able to savor the magic of Disney World churros to the fullest during your visit.


Disney World churros are more than just a tasty treat; they’re a magical experience that visitors can savor throughout their time in Walt’s enchanted kingdom. Whether you’re exploring the wonders of Magic Kingdom, embarking on a journey through Epcot, or enjoying the thrills of Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, churros are the perfect way to add a little sweetness to your day.

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With their origins rooted in the streets of Spain and their introduction to Disneyland, churros have become a beloved staple of the Disney theme park experience. Their irresistible cinnamon-sugar coating and doughnut-like texture make them the perfect snack for any time of day.

By following our guide on where to find churros in Disney World and utilizing our tips and tricks, visitors can make the most of their churro adventure. From knowing the best time to buy churros to utilizing mobile ordering, these recommendations can help visitors avoid long lines and maximize their churro enjoyment.

In summary, Disney World churros are a must-try experience for any visitor to the theme park. With their delectable taste and magical allure, they’re the perfect way to add a little extra enchantment to your day. So why not embark on your own churro adventure during your next visit to Disney World?