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Can You Bring Vapes into Disneyland? Rules & Policies Guide

If you’re a vaper planning a visit to the happiest place on earth, you may be wondering if you’re allowed to bring your vape with you into Disneyland. After all, vaping is a popular alternative to smoking and is often allowed in many public outdoor areas. In this guide, we will break down the rules and policies surrounding vapes at Disneyland and provide you with a comprehensive guide for your visit.

Disneyland has strict policies regarding smoking and the use of vaping devices. It’s essential to understand these guidelines to avoid any confusion or potential disciplinary actions. Keep reading to learn more about Disneyland’s rules and policies for vaping.

Disneyland’s Smoking Policy

If you are a smoker or vaper, it is essential to familiarize yourself with Disneyland’s smoking policy before visiting the park.

Disneyland Resort is a smoke-free environment, and smoking, including vaping, is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

Visitors who wish to smoke or vape inside the park can visit the designated smoking areas, which can be found at the following locations:

  • Disneyland Park: Big Thunder Trail, Frontierland
  • Disney California Adventure Park: Hollywood Land, near the entrance to Disney Junior
  • Downtown Disney District: Near the parking lot entrance

If you need to smoke or vape outside these designated areas, you must leave the park entirely and use the designated smoking areas outside the entrance turnstiles, near the entrance plaza.

It is essential to remember that smoking or vaping outside of these designated areas is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, including ejection from the park.

Prohibited Items at Disneyland

While Disneyland is a fun and exciting place to visit, it’s important to abide by the park’s rules and policies. The park has a strict policy regarding prohibited items that are not allowed inside. Visitors are subject to inspection by security personnel at the entrance, and items that violate the policy will be confiscated.

Among the list of prohibited items at Disneyland are vapes and other smoking devices. Smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed within the park. This policy applies to all areas of the park, including restaurants, attractions, and queue lines.

“Smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed within the park.”

In addition to vapes and smoking devices, other items that are not allowed inside Disneyland include weapons of any kind, alcohol, illegal drugs, and items that could be considered a safety hazard, such as fireworks or drones. Visitors are also not allowed to bring in large bags or coolers, and outside food and drinks are strictly prohibited.

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Guests with medical or dietary needs are allowed to bring in small snacks or other items that are necessary for their well-being. However, these items will be subject to inspection by security personnel at the entrance.

It’s important to review Disneyland’s policy regarding prohibited items before visiting the park to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Why are Vapes Not Allowed at Disneyland?

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes in recent years. However, visitors to Disneyland should be aware that vapes are not allowed within the park. This policy is in place for several reasons.

“The Disneyland Resort is a family destination, and we promote a smoke-free environment for all our guests. Smoking of any kind, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted in our parks. Designated smoking areas are available outside the entrances of the Disneyland Resort.”

– Disneyland Resort Official Website

One of the primary reasons vapes are not allowed at Disneyland is due to health concerns. The vapor from vapes contains harmful chemicals, such as nicotine and formaldehyde, which can be inhaled by others and have negative health effects. In addition, Disneyland strives to provide a family-friendly environment, and smoking, including vaping, goes against this goal.

Another reason vapes are not allowed in the park is due to safety hazards. The use of vapes involves the handling of small, battery-operated devices that can potentially overheat or explode. In crowded areas, such as Disneyland, this can pose a danger to both the user and those around them.

It is important for visitors to abide by Disneyland’s policy and not attempt to bring vapes into the park. Failure to comply with this rule can result in disciplinary action, including ejection from the park and potential legal consequences.

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Tips for Vapers Visiting Disneyland

While Disneyland prohibits the use of vapes and other smoking devices within the park, there are still ways for vapers to have an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Find designated smoking areas outside of the park: If you need to vape, smoking areas are available outside the park entrance. Plan ahead and locate these designated spots before entering the park.
  • Bring nicotine patches or gum: If you’re concerned about nicotine cravings during your time at Disneyland, consider bringing nicotine patches or gum as an alternative.
  • Be respectful of other guests: Remember, Disneyland is a family-friendly environment. Refrain from smoking or vaping in areas where it may bother or offend other guests.
  • Comply with Disneyland’s smoking policy: Even if you’re a seasoned vaper, it’s important to respect Disneyland’s policies and rules. Make sure to keep your vape and other smoking devices at home, and adhere to all rules for a smooth and enjoyable visit.

By following these tips, vapers can have a great time at Disneyland without violating park rules or offending fellow guests.

Consequences of Bringing Vapes into Disneyland

Disneyland has a strict policy against smoking and vaping within its park premises. Guests who attempt to bring vapes into Disneyland can face severe consequences, including ejection from the park and other disciplinary actions.

If a guest is found vaping within the park, they may be approached by Disney security personnel or cast members, who will remind them of the no-smoking policy and ask them to stop. If the guest refuses to comply or is found with vapes, they may be asked to leave the park immediately. The severity of the disciplinary action taken may depend on the situation and the guest’s history of compliance with park rules.

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It is essential to note that Disneyland considers vapes and other smoking devices to be dangerous items and a potential safety hazard, especially due to the fire risk associated with their lithium-ion batteries. As such, attempts to sneak vapes into the park can result in severe consequences, including potential legal action if the situation escalates.

It is therefore crucial for vapers to respect Disneyland’s no-smoking policy and refrain from bringing vapes into the park. Visitors who are caught with vapes or other smoking devices can face severe consequences that can ruin their vacation experience. It is always recommended to find alternative smoking areas outside the park and ensure compliance with the park’s rules and policies during the visit.


In conclusion, while vaping is becoming increasingly popular, bringing vapes into Disneyland is not allowed. Disneyland’s policy is in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of its guests, which includes protecting them from potential health hazards and maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. As outlined in this article, visitors who attempt to bring vapes into the park may face consequences such as ejection from the park and other disciplinary actions.

For those who enjoy vaping, it’s important to adhere to the park’s rules and regulations. Visitors can find alternative smoking areas outside of Disneyland and ensure compliance with the policies. By doing so, they can still enjoy the magic of Disneyland without compromising their own or others’ safety and well-being.

Remember, Disneyland is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests, and it’s up to everyone to contribute to that goal. So, leave the vapes behind and come to Disneyland ready to make unforgettable memories!