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Discover the Beer Magic Kingdom: A Guide to Brews in Disney

Are you a beer enthusiast visiting Disney? Look no further than the Beer Magic Kingdom. This enchanting park offers a unique experience for those seeking the perfect brew. In this beer guide, we’ll explore the top destinations and must-try brews that make the Beer Magic Kingdom a must-visit for any beer lover.

From craft brews to international favorites, the beer selection at Disney is unparalleled. And with themed bars and immersive experiences, enjoying a beer in the park is more magical than ever. So let’s explore the enchanting world of beer in Disney and discover what the Beer Magic Kingdom has to offer.

The Enchanting World of Beer in Disney

Disney may be known for its attractions and characters, but its beer selection is just as magical. With over 100 different brews to choose from, visitors can explore a world of beer right in the heart of the park.

Themed bars offer an immersive experience, transporting visitors to different areas of the park, such as the German-inspired Biergarten Restaurant or the British-themed Rose & Crown Pub. Not only do these bars offer unique atmospheres, but they also serve up some of the best beer selections in the park.

But it’s not just about the themed bars. Visitors can find beer selections throughout the park, ranging from craft brews to international favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for a hoppy IPA or a smooth and creamy stout, there’s a beer for everyone.

What sets the beer selection in Disney apart is the attention to detail. From the design of the bars to the presentation of the beers themselves, everything is meticulously crafted to create an enchanting experience for beer lovers.

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So if you’re a beer enthusiast looking for a unique experience, don’t overlook the beer selection in Disney. It’s a world of beer waiting to be explored.

Top Beer Destinations in the Beer Magic Kingdom

When it comes to beer, the Beer Magic Kingdom has a lot to offer. From iconic brews to hidden gems, there are plenty of must-visit beer spots throughout the park.

1. Gaston’s Tavern

If you’re a fan of Belgian-style brews, Gaston’s Tavern is the perfect spot for you. Located in Fantasyland, this tavern is known for its LeFou’s Brew, an iconic apple and marshmallow-flavored drink that’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Pair it with a giant cinnamon roll for the ultimate indulgence.

2. BaseLine Tap House

If you’re looking for a more grown-up setting, head to BaseLine Tap House in Hollywood Studios. This beer garden offers a rotating selection of craft brews, including local favorites from Florida breweries. Don’t forget to try the charcuterie board to accompany your beer flight.

3. Rose & Crown Pub

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the park, head to the Rose & Crown Pub in Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion. This traditional British pub offers a wide selection of beers, including Guinness on tap. Pair your brew with some fish and chips for the ultimate pub experience.

  • Tip: The pub also offers a beer flight that includes four 5-ounce samples of different beers.

4. Harambe Market

For something a little more exotic, head to Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom. This African-inspired marketplace offers the Tusker Beer, produced by Kenya Breweries Limited. It’s a light lager that pairs well with the spicy flavors found throughout the market.

  • Tip: The market also offers a beer flight that includes three 7-ounce samples of different African beers.
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5. Biergarten Restaurant

If you want to experience Oktoberfest in the middle of Disney World, head to the Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot’s Germany pavilion. This buffet-style restaurant offers a variety of German beers, including traditional favorites like Hofbräu and Warsteiner. Plus, there’s live entertainment and plenty of schnitzel to go around.

  • Tip: The restaurant also offers a beer flight that includes four 5-ounce samples of different German beers.

These are just some of the must-visit beer spots in the Beer Magic Kingdom. Whether you’re a fan of classic brews or want to try something new, there’s a beer destination for every kind of beer enthusiast.

Beer Pairings and Tastings: Elevating the Beer Magic Kingdom Experience

One of the highlights of the Beer Magic Kingdom experience is the opportunity to indulge in beer pairings and tastings. Disney offers a range of unique flavors that are designed to complement specific menu items and provide a truly sensory experience.

One must-try experience is the beer and cheese pairing at the Germany pavilion in Epcot. The pairing showcases some of Germany’s iconic brews alongside artisanal cheeses from the region. The pairing menu changes seasonally, so repeat visitors can always expect something new.

Another option is the food and beer pairing at the Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney California Adventure. This experience offers a set menu of small plates and beer samples, expertly curated to complement each other. Be sure to ask your server about the current pairing options available.

In addition to formal beer pairings, the Beer Magic Kingdom also offers various beer tastings throughout the park. The Animal Kingdom Lodge hosts a weekly “Beer Flight” event, which allows visitors to sample various beers while enjoying live music and stunning views of the savanna.

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For those looking for a more hands-on experience, the “Brewing 101” class at the California Grill provides an opportunity to learn about the brewing process and sample unique craft brews.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of beer, the Beer Magic Kingdom has something to offer. With a wide selection of brews, expertly curated pairings, and immersive experiences, there’s no better place to indulge in the magic of beer.


Being a beer enthusiast in the Beer Magic Kingdom is a truly unique and enchanting experience. From the wide range of beer selections available to the themed bars and immersive experiences, Disney has truly created a world of beer that is second to none.

Whether you’re looking for must-visit beer spots or hidden gems, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And with the art of beer pairings and tastings, you can elevate your Disney experience to a whole new level.

So, if you’re a beer enthusiast, don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the Beer Magic Kingdom in Disney. It’s an experience you won’t forget!